Surgery 2012 - SURGERY DAY

Surgery 2012 - SURGERY DAY (orig. published 7.12.12)

As I sit in the parent waiting rooms, or wander around the hospital I have always spent a decent amount of time rethinking our decision for surgery. And it all comes to a head when I see my boy post-op. Ya know what? Things were just fine, he could get around, he moves pretty quick in his wheelchair, he always beat his sister in a race (poor girl would try so hard too). I'll just pick him up always and always I thought. Seeing his pale face, hearing his raspy post-anethesia breathing, watching his heartrate spike if I'm sitting down and he can't find me in the room - breaks my heart. I have to be supportive of his new hardware, I told him he looks great, like a robot and he smiled.

Colson went into pre-op about 8:30 yesterday morning, and of course Dr. van Bosse gave him his purple pen AFTER Colson was doped up with versid. The nurses all just shake their heads because of course, Colson, and all the other kids of Dr. V's take that purple pen and write all over themselves. Colson loved it though. Surgery ended around 4:30 pm and everything went well. He had the hardware (metal plates) removed from his hips from his bilateral proximal femoral reorientation ostetomy surgery in April 2011. Then they attached the external fixator, he has 2 pins in his upper leg, 2 pins in his lower leg and one in his foot. There is a large tension bar on the whole thing and we have to rotate the bar 4 times a day which is approximately 1 mm at a time. Colson shouldn't feel a thing besides some possible minor bone aching.

He came out of surgery kicking and screaming almost quite literally if he his legs weren't rendered useless by the epidural. One of the nurses called Dr. van Bosse "Dr. V" and he yelled at her and said, "No, it's Dr. van Bosse!" and then he demanded they take the fixator off. They sedated him instead. He's been sleeping since about 5 pm (it's now 8:30am Thursday as I write this). He woke up about 9 pm and I heard the most precious little "Hi Mommy" and then he was back asleep. He's white as a ghost, they may run blood tests later today. They said he didn't lose much blood and he's not anemic, so they think the paleness might just come from the "I feel like I've been hit by truck" post surgery feeling. He'll wake easily if you talk to him, but he prefers to just doze on and off.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts and prayers, they mean so much to all of us and we appreaciate your overwhelming support.

Much love.


Some before surgery prep - also a good picture of his "before" legs.

He didn't want to go to surgery :-(

Thanks for the pen Dr. van Bosse! Colson, on Versid, says "Mommy, I had to draw on my legs, they didn't give me paper until after I drew on my legs!" Haha

Poor sweet boy

A peek at his toes with the fixator


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