All is Well

All is Well (orig. published 10.19.12)

We are eight days post-op and Colson is doing amazing. Neurontin continues to be a world changer for our lives as he is handling life SO much better this time around.

We were released from the hospital on Monday (a day early yay!) and have been hanging out at my dad's house in Richmond, VA ever since. Colson has one very straight leg in a very red cast and one very bent leg in a very large piece of equipment. And he is doing fantastic. He wanted me to take a picture to show everyone how he can wiggle his toes:

Some of you may know and some may not, but the cost for these operations is making a huge impact on our family. We are having a fundraiser here: if anyone can help that would be amazing! Just one night at the Ronald McDonald house is $20.00 which isn't much, but it really adds up with how long we end up staying there. I'm humbled at the amount of money we have been able to raise, and I'd also like to share that I was able to reduce the amount we need by $1,000! We were told that we don't have to go back for FOUR weeks! That's amazing! Dr. van Bosse said we can just visit our local doctor until 4 weeks post-op, yay! That saves so much money on plane tickets!

We will head home on Sunday and get back Monday or Tuesday depending on how the drive goes. Friday we will have an appointment in Madison and I'll post an up-date then.

Thank you for all your support, thoughts and prayers, we are truly blessed!!

Much love.



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