Surgery 2012 - Day Two

Surgery 2012 - Day Two (orig. published 7.9.12)

Hello from New Joy-zee!

We made it to the Hotel ML in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey around 7 pm tonight and the kids are just itching to get to the waterpark in the morning!

We had far less stops today, however, Cayleigh decided a road trip was the perfect time to want to start using the potty - while I'm thrilled she is using the potty, now is not the most convienent time to want to do so.

We found Colson the elusive neckroll today, although he hates it around his neck. Good thing it was on clearance. The best part of the day was going through FOUR tunnels in the mountains in Pennsylvania. The children thought we should have the capabilities to instantly create as many more as they demanded, as four tunnels simply are not enough.

Short writings tonight, we are going to go for a walk outside the hotel by the pool. Looking forward to tomorrow and swimming all day. Depending on how brave I am feeling tomorrow, I *may* even go down a water slide so Daddy doesn't have to do them all. ;-).

Much love.


Playtime at the Country Inn in Elyria, OH.

Cayleigh and her neckroll!

Got the kids some "good traveler" gifts - new movie, a book, some candy and a new toy!

The only way to travel!

Sweet Cayleigh tucking her brother into bed...

And no hotel stay is complete without jumping on the bed!! :-)


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