Surgery 2012 - Day Three!

Surgery 2012 - Day Three! (orig. published 7.11.12)

Today (Tuesday as this posting is a day late) was our "Water Park" day! We stayed at the Hotel ML in Mt. Laurel, NJ and went to the Coco Key Water Park right next door. Unfortunately, the water park was packed with unruly day care and summer camp children who pushed my children around and cut them off. Additionally, Colson couldn't go down any water slides because they would only allow one person to go at a time, despite his disability. So we packed up after an hour and went to see a Madagascar 3 instead. Colson still had a glorious time swimming, and he throughly enjoyed the movie with headphones one because it was pretty loud ;-).

We arrived at the Ronald McDonald House of Southern NJ (Camden, NJ) around 5 pm and were thrilled to have been given the Disney Room. Cayleigh spent a solid 10 minutes jumping on the bed and saying "Mickey!". Colson was just concerned with playing the game of Mouse Trap we found stashed in the closet. We went out to the mall for ice cream and pizza, then came back and played Mouse Trap before falling asleep to cartoons. The perfect family vacation drawing to a close. We've had a really fun week off, boating, swimming, the fair, movies, road trip, games. Surgery days to follow will hopefully be easier now that we have had some great quality time together.

Much love.


Ready for the Waterpark!

Still had LOT'S of fun :-)

"McDonald's" House!

Colson won Mouse Trap :-)

Snuggling and cartoons


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