Surgery 2012 - Day One

Surgery 2012 - Day One (orig. published 7.8.12)

Well, we made it to Elyria, Ohio. We are still about 8 or 9 hours away from destination one, Mt. Laurel, NJ. We're hoping to get there tomorrow evening, maybe around 7 pm or so.

Today was eventful. I'm certain we stopped at every other rest stop between Milwaukee and here, in search of the ever elusive BP gas station (we have gas cards) and the even more elusive children's neckroll (so their little heads won't bobble around if they fall asleep in the car). We finally ran into a Target at ten minutes to 9 near here, and I've never shopped so fast in my life! We found Cayleigh a kitty neckroll. Colson is out of luck, a pink piggy with a pink bow just wasn't cuttin' it for him. So - tomorrow, I anticipate even more rest stop visits as we continue our search for the elusive neckroll.

We went through  6 or 7 movies, including a viewing of Megamind twice. We had lots of cookies and perhaps a couple too many french fries. Colson even ate a flower. Curiosity made him puke.

We'll see what tomorrow brings - hopefully an early arrival to Mt. Laurel where we plan to swim ALL day on Tuesday at Coco Key Resort before surgery on Wednesday morning.

Much love.


Star wars somethin' or other "pod" races ;-) - (Not a Star Wars expert here by any means hah)

Goodnight World!


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