Surgery 2012 - Day I don't know what day it is anymore

Surgery 2012 - Day I don't know what day it is anymore 

(orig. published 7.14.20)

Jailbreak! We have broken free of the PICU! And I get to sleep in a hospital bed tonight. I've never been this excited to sleep in a hospital bed before!

Colson is markedly improved. As predicted. Day three and he always pulls out of his post-anesthesia insensibility. The anger is gone (mostly), he's eating, he's drinking, he's playing with his sister. I'm thrilled we have figured his surgery reactions out. However, after writing this, it's unsettling he's had to go through so many surgeries we actually have any reactions to figure out in the first place.

Colson's ability to take his oral medication is impressive for a 5 year old. He will throw his mini tantrum insisting his leg no longer hurts and he will brood in silence as he comtemplates the consequences of his leg actually continuing to hurt despite his best attempts to suggest otherwise. Eventually he comes around and yells "Ok! Let's do this, but do it quick!" and he will chug that little shot of liquid like a champ, brow furrowed, eyes steady and when he's finished he slams a bunch of milk. I hope this does not come in handy when he goes off to college. ;-)

We found ourselves down in the 6th floor rec. room today for a couple of hours, playing video games and playing pretend in Cayleigh's village with her friendly neighbors, her house, her backyard, the grocery store and the fair. Now we are in our room on the 5th floor, dreaming of sleep and planning our hospital escape for sometime tomorrow. This WILL happen. We ARE leaving tomorrow.

I just asked Colson if he would like to add anything to this blog and he wanted everyone to know he likes painting. Also, I asked him if he would like everyone to know how he is feeling and he said "I'm feeling bad. Because my leg hurts." He's hugging the ever present Raffi (who has been here since the day he was born), and hoping for his medication to kick in.

Till tomorrow. (After our escape!)

Much love.


PS: The bar on the fixator is called an "outrigger". I knew it was sailing related. See how much more information I can retain when I learn something after I've had a chance to have my coffee? Also, after further study, the outrigger actually looks like something we could attach a sail to. This could get interesting...

Here is a picture of the most offensive equipment attached to my son's leg for the next 3 months.


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